MovieSpace is a platform for people who wish to access metadata of movies and people, get to know of upcoming movies and movies in theatres, or simply keep track of the movies they have watched.

Rather than simply providing information and basic membership functionality, MovieSpace also aims to provide utility for people to find movies that they will be happy to watch.

Please note that this website is not owned by a company or trademark. In other words, MovieSpace is not part of any organization. This is a website created and put into service by individuals. MovieSpace does not aim to generate revenue by selling anything.

Developmental Status

MovieSpace is still under development. Therefore, some features are still missing or have partial functionality. We are aiming to provide the best we can.

Data Ownership

MovieSpace does not have the ownership of the metadata provided in this website. The data is provided by the TMDb.

Information on the availability of the movies (i.e. watch providers) is provided by JustWatch.